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Art Inspiration——”Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures”

My final project is serious of food package designs for Good Grain’s blend grain rice. Good Grain is a new brand of carefully chosen organic grain rice. Good Grain promise that each grain of rice is from the prime area of grain source in America and has high quality. My major inspiration is from a Chinese ancient picture book named “Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures.” The book is painting by Qing Dynasty court painter Bingzhen Jiao in 1696. The book includes 46 pictures recording the Chinese ancient field jobs such as plowing, harrowing, seed drilling, cultivating, harvesting, weaving, etc. The book is the first agricultural science picture book in the world. The bold lines and smooth edge of figures create a gentle simple and elegant beauty. I found the style of the picture book matches Good Grain’s product very well. So I blend the Chinese traditional drawing into modern package design and giving the product a simple, unsophisticated, natural, organic and elegant style.

1450078691403_93920_originart0020873251image (1)image (2)image (3)image (4)image (5)image (7)image (8)


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