CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!



I always like to look on bechance for inspiration and I came across this advertisement piece. I love vibrate colors, so this one caught my eye right away. I love how the pop art and photography co-exist in this piece. This advertisement was for a Middle East department store in Aizone. The designers are  Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh who used inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, who brings art to life with vibrant pop art sensibility. Here’s a quote from Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh:

“Inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein, Sagmeister & Walsh’s Aizone campaign uses bright fluorescents, bold geometrical forms, and lots and lots of cross-hatches and polka dots. Although many of the products in the shots are ones that Aizone actually sells, they are contrasted by brightly colored papercraft props of plants, lemonade pitchers, vases, and more.”

This is what truly inspire me because they also thrive from other inspirations.




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