CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

Art Inspiration

My senior project is a cookbook and blog centered around vegan cuisine. Naturally I looked at many cookbooks to research this subject matter, but the ones I took particular inspiration from were cooking brands that started online and on social media. I took inspiration from them because they had a strong sense of branding, and because of that, the possibilities were endless as far as designs go. Online blogs and personalities including Hot For Food, Jason Wrobel, and Oh She Glows inspired me because they are so multifaceted. Not only do they post recipes, but they also post content about health, living a balanced life and more. Taking inspiration from these creators made me feel less limited in what I could create for my project and made me think more about branding myself.

We’re living in an age where it can be smart to create an online presence first before creating something as big and costly as a cookbook. It’s a good way to publicize yourself, test the market, and make money. A successful Youtube channel will earn you a lot more money from ad revenue than a well-crafted cookbook oftentimes. In this day and age, businesses have to provide consumers with content on many levels in order to ensure their success.





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