CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

A Fulfilling Journey at East Bay

Before enrolling into the Art Department at California State East Bay, I did not know what to really expect. But I did know one thing, I wanted to get a Bachelor degree with a concentration in Graphic Arts, to improve my employability and better my salary. And, I intended to do so the fastest I could by taking the more classes I could. As an foreigner or “immigrant” if your prefer that term ;), I guess it’s what you do. You start over your life. Your goal is to integrate the American society and the culture the fastest you can in order to melt easily and live like everyone. My first classes at East Bay were rather reviews since I did work as graphic designer since 2003 for some companies abroad. In addition, I was doing some design work as freelance, while working 2 part time jobs and more importantly raising my new born daughter. I taught myself design software at different design jobs I got over the years by doing my best to be resourceful. So that was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Also, I was transferring from a community college where I got a certificate in Applied Graphic Design and and Associate Degree in the Arts. However the further I got into the Graphic Art program at East Bay, the best I learned about design, the basics of good design and how to do great design.  I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff and faculty of the Art Department; not only for teaching aspect but also the willingness to help and share their experiences. I want to express here how lucky I am to be a product of this Arts Department and how humbled I am to have received all of the advises and the (occasional) nice chats I had with my teachers and the staff.

For my senior project I am working on a packaging for a fictitious beverage company in San Francisco. I had the chance to use the ezRouter in the woodshop, where I got valuable help from the faculty and staff. I also had great inputs from my teacher who gave me tips and advice to reach my goal in term of concept, design and production. As a graphic design major, my project consist of tangible products that include one wood product. And the choice of the woodworking was quite an exploration for me since this was almost the first time I used the woodshop. This lead me to realized all of the possibilities that woodworking might offer to graphic designer. I am a big fan of the information technologies and the infinite windows they open to designers, but I believe that woodworking and iron working that some consider low tech give graphic designer a broader perspective in term of tangible product. The possibilities are limitless. We should not limit ourselves as designers. That’s why I really value this insightful tough of one my favorite designers, Massimo Vignelli: “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”

Have a great Summer!


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