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Inspired by old masters.

Creating my project, a set of animated illustrations to fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel” by Grimm Brothers, I was inspired by a set of postcards I used to have as a child. I think they were my mom’s postcards, they were quite old. Being a child I was fascinated by these scenes as they were transferring me to a magic world. I almost forgot how they looked or how they were made, I just had this memory of a fairy world I was immersed in when looking at them. Luckily I was able to find these postcards in a scanned version. These illustrations were made by Soviet illustrator (born in 1926) Askold Kantorov. Kantorov created a new technique (at least it was new for Soviet Union of 1970s), where he set up a scene using  clay figurines and made photographs of it. I think what fascinated me the most is that figures looked 3-D; the color scheme and lightning added up to this illusion.

Dina Arakcheyeva


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