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Senior Project Inspiration–Peter McKinnon

One of my biggest inspirations for my senior project is Youtuber, Peter McKinnon. I started watching him because my sister, Rachel, actually recommended to watch his film tutorials. Before senior project, I wasn’t a pro at filming (I’m still not pro), but I really liked the idea of creating videos. I only took the Digital Video course the quarter before that I really liked that class. That class definitely sparked my interest in pursuing film as my medium for my senior project. So fast forward to now, I started grabbing most of my inspiration from Peter’s videos and tutorials on how to produce better footage. My concept of my video is definitely not the same as Peter’s videos, but I enjoyed learning from his tutorials in order to make my video better.

I also like that Peter focuses on trying to capture better footage on a budget. Personally, I can relate to that because I don’t have a ton of camera equipment. For example, some of his videos talk about how to get better footage by just using natural light or how to get a specific effect on Adobe Premier. Below, I just added some videos from him that helped me throughout this senior project. Hopefully, it could help some of you that are interested in learning how to film in general or just want to produce better footage.

–Melanie Dela Cruz


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