CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

A Steadily Narrowing Interest

I have long since been intrigued by pixel art. Generally speaking, it’s a talent that pulls from many different backgrounds of the art world. Having an eye for form, an understanding of anatomy and lighting will help you to achieve realistic and compelling pixel art pieces. That’s not to say there is specific way to approach the art–no, not at all. In fact, you can tackle it any way your heart desires. The more minimalist style is probably the most beginner friendly; I would assume this is where most people find their footing. That’s what I did. Or, uh, where I’m still at. In the winter quarter I spent some time really sinking my teeth into the practice, and took a liking to isometric art. I found that if I stuck to geometric shapes, it was a breeze to create some pretty impressive looking stuff. It was when I tried my hand at more organic shapes that I started to lose confidence. Had I been convinced of my ability, I likely would have centered my senior project around pixel art, but at the last second I decided against it. More to the point: I have been gaining a steady interest in grungy punk art, and a couple months ago I stumbled across the work of an indie game developer who combines pixel and punk. Together, he and a person that goes by “miascugh” are working on a game called Kerfuffle, which when I saw the demo clips they’ve show off of it, I was taken a back. It’s everything I wish I was capable of making. It’s like it was crafted specifically for me. The big blocky characters, the colors, the fluid animations, the landscapes and overall mood of the game… It’s awesome. It’s definitely my biggest inspiration at the moment. I’m planning on getting back into pixel art in the coming weeks, it should be fun.

– Jesse Dacosta Call



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