CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!


Throughout this journey for making my cartography cafe, I have to thank PearFleur for my inspirations. When I first saw her watercolor tutorials on YouTube, I was hooked on her style. As I browsed, I discovered a tutorial on a celestial painting, I knew this was my theme.


When I found more artworks of hers, I was immediately drawn to her choice of medium: watercolors. Through her, I gained the inspiration to paint more over summer break. I also want to practice more traditional art. As a graphic designer, I don’t get a chance to really explore traditional art on my own time. It is through her that I want to paint something big in the course of six months. She has multiple tutorials on different watercolor techniques as of this post (June 2017) and intend to make use to her tutorials an draw more.

Aside from her artwork and style, she was the first to draw bigger and draw smaller. Before seeing her artwork in full size, I have always drawn in smaller scales and just end up scraping the design all together. On camera, she is not shy to admit she made a mistake, but it how she fixes them on camera that inspires me to do the same.

Her Instagram: (x)

Her YouTube (x)


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