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Coding Inspiration

My final project is a website that is a magical journey through other worlds. To create the website I had to hand draw numerous drawings using colored pencil on paper, and digitally scan them to put them in to a website. The drawing itself took a long time and there were some learning experiences transferring them to the computer digitally, but the real work was in the coding.

I chose to code a website as my final project in order to challenge myself and also to (hope) to prove that I  could code such a thing. The code is fairly complicated as all of the drawings I made are animated with it.

To find help and inspiration I turned to a few different online sites and communities. A classic is w3schools which is an incredible resource for coding examples, and is especially great for animation code which I used the most in this project.

Another great source is Codepen, where coders can share coding snippets which they have come up with. This is very useful if what they are doing is similar to what you are looking for.

Stack Overflow is a community where coders can post their code with issues and others can come along and fix it. I have never posted my own code but just survive off of finding others’ mistakes that match my own. It’s a great resource for when you hit a wall.

Lastly, I have come to love CSS Animate beta because I can tell the “Drag” shape what I want my drawings to do and steal the code from what it comes up with. It took me a second to learn what this program wants me to do to get the correct results, but once I did it was fairly easy and a lot quicker than if I kept trying to tweak it myself.


All in all, it’s been a great project. I have been able to figure some things out, and am still working on others. Hopefully in the end, it all pulls together.


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