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PROJECT HYOU Inspiration

Hello again! I have returned to do my Graphic Design senior project, which are three separate, handmade books of postcards that you color before you send or simply a coloring book of postcards that I have named PROJECT HYOU (pronounced hue/h-yoo). The name stems from the (similar sounding/punny) words “hue” and “you”. In addition, the meaning I gave this word means “you color”, which connects back with the fact that the owner of the book has the creative freedom to color the postcards however they would like. Each book has 30 perforated postcards with its own theme (Line Doodles, Blind Contours, and Urban Sketching – San Francisco) ready to be colored and sent to whoever you choose.

The influence of this project comes from my small, but slowly growing collection of postcards, that I have obtained from going to museums or new places, and the recent growing trend of adult coloring books like Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book for Adults and The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people.

The themes of Line Doodles, Blind Contours, and Urban Sketching stem from assignments that I have done in previous classes and also personal work.

If I were to connect this with an artist it would be Pablo Lobato, but solely based on color. I love how his color choices he uses for his portraits because they are both wacky, but fluid.

With all this influence, it just made the process of making this project exciting and rewarding. 

Chelsea Guerrero


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One thought on “PROJECT HYOU Inspiration

  1. jodea2488 on said:

    I think that coloring is a great stress reliver and fun to do with a group of friends. I also collect postcards and greeting cards that people given me throughout the years. It’s just a fun thing I do and it brings back memories. Your postcards will be amazing

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