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i have the need to create and communicate

The creative process is where I start when it comes to any creative project, it is essential to the creation and breath of any graphic design I use to communicate, create or challenge myself. It doesn’t come in one form, it is not a formula, and when I am putting all of the ingredients together for a project I do not limit myself in terms of exposure to environments, space, imagination, art, poetry, dictionary, and sketches.  The process changes every single time, and  I try to be open, conscious and aware of what the point of the project is and what it is asking of me. It is the most challenging part of the project in some cases because its linked to time, material, alone time to reflect on mind mapping and sketches.

Inspiration is everything when it comes to creating a project, and depending on what the subject is regarding the project I dive into, poetry, the dictionary, art, music, graphics, design, architecture that sheds light on simplicity, shapes, angles, color, and size. I give credit to Francesco Clemente because it was his art that inspired me to follow my curiosity. This is the first piece I saw in one of his books that pulled me in.


Juan Segura


francesco clemente 2007 mine


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