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I Won’t Stop Illustrating

Before Graphic Design, There Was Illustration

I’ve always wanted to create fun and inventive graphics and for some time now I’ve really tried to implement illustration into everything that I do. Before I got into graphic design and the world of branding, I started out with a dream to become a illustrator/animator and like most aspiring illustrators I wanted to work for Pixar. After enrolling in a great animation/illustration program at a different college, I started to lose my passion for illustration. I don’t know if it was because of the long hours that I had to spend animating page-by-page on a light table or if it was because I just didn’t see myself pursuing that for my entire life, but I really just wanted to explore something new.

My roommate at the time was heavily involved in graphic design, and he really got me interested in the aesthetics of making digital compositions. As I began to gravitate more towards design, I found myself itching for opportunities to draw or sketch and I kept ignoring those urges thinking that,

“it’s not going to do anything for my design direction and I should be focusing on making typographic work.”

I was content with everything that I produced as a potential graphic designer and I brushed away my original passion for illustration. It was as if, with every project that I worked on, I lost a little more of that person who wanted so badly to work for Pixar and with every year that passed I forgot about all the fun that I had creating imaginative illustrations.

“I was trying to build a dam to stop the flow of all the adventurous illustrations that ran through my mind.”

But like the first drop of rain that hits your nose as you lookup into a gray sky, it hit me.

“What was I thinking, not doing what I loved to do?”

That’s when I started laying out all my cards on the table and finding sneaky ways to illustrate for all my projects. I found myself improving with other aspects of design the minute I started to satisfy my illustration urges and I had finally felt like I was doing what I really wanted to do. In the shortest way that I can put it,

“Don’t give up on the things you love to do, they’re the most beautiful reasons to pursue everything and anything that makes you truly happy.”

Below is a project that I did for school at the moment when I had finally realized illustration was everything for me.

do what you love to do.


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