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Art with a twist

What I’ve discovered in my time here at Cal State, East Bay is that I developed a strong interest in making interactive or dual-purpose designs using a span of different visual medias. Like many others, I learn and remember better with visual aids and hands-on practice methods.  I think they allow for a memorable experience that can resonate on a personal level. In my own work, I can’t help but add more elements to a single design and surprise the audience with the unexpected. Similar to my senior project in which the food packaging bag I made was more than just a material used to carry things, but it also transformed into an informative poster. I believe that every element in a design should serve a purpose for the user/customer, whether it’s to provide more information or to provide some form of convenience.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’m attracted to creating interactive style designs for different medias such as print materials, packaging design, and website design. The following are examples of work as well as resources I use to influence my creative process. is an amazing website that showcases the most creative work designed by an array of students worldwide. The design below is an accordion-style wine package that lets you squeeze out every last drop without having to cut open the box itself. It was designed by Veronica Kjellberg and Mila Rodrigues.


Here is another clever design from It’s a tin can for canned fish with a humorous comic-strip like design wrapped around the tin. It was designed by Darya Panasova and it was influenced by the Russian Idiom “Packed like herrings in a barrel,” which is comparable to the English Idiom “Packed like sardines.” The saying is typically referred to public transportation, so choosing a tin that resembles the shape of a bus was a clever choice.

Picture1 is an online web design and development company that recognizes and promotes the best of innovative web design. Developers such as ourselves can submit our work for recognition. Here are two websites that use parallax scrolling, which I’m a big fan of. It’s an increasingly popular web coding technique that can take your visitors on a journey about your product/work.







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