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Where Will I End Up?

Over the years of being in college I’ve been interested in many types of art. I initially began with an interest in web design, and later found myself more into graphic design as I became older. This led to me then questioning what type of graphic design I could see myself doing as a career. After googling the different career paths a graphic designer could take, and researching the skill sets needed and the income the various types of graphic design positions provide, I decided to give branding and packaging a try.

I now realize that branding and packaging is what I would love to have a career in. I enjoy making logos, business cards, letterheads, etc, and I figured who better to direct my product to than entrepreneurs with start up companies. I want to work with the ambitious business starters that are focused and determined on getting their babies off the ground. With this, I can be a part of something fresh and new every time, and can watch how it will grow from a seed.

Here is a sample of a package that I enjoy looking. I love how simple it is and its color scheme. I would like to create brands that look like this. design-branding-packaging-design


jack of all trades, master of SOME

Like so many CSUEB students, I am a transfer student who previously pursued a different major. I started college with a desire to be a traditional 2D animator, or to pursue the sciences (biology specifically). Over time, this grew and evolved into my love for Multimedia, specifically within photography and illustration. I think my earliest influence in terms of photography is Ansel Adams.  From a young age I was extremely interested in photography, and this is one of the first artists I was shown.


His work with wildlife photography is remarkable and truly inspiring to see. I hope to eventually have my wildlife photography featured in national geographic.

Another influence in terms of illustration and graphic design is the work of Teagan White. Her work combines detailed yet stylized illustration with typography to create a unique product different from mainstream design.

This final quarter at CSUEB has definitely pushed me further than I realized I could go and helped me greatly improve my work as a Multimedia major. I’d like to personally thank Suzy for being a supportive and innovative teacher with unique ideas personalized to each student, as well as my classmates for helping to critique and improve my work.



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