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Where Will I End Up?

Over the years of being in college I’ve been interested in many types of art. I initially began with an interest in web design, and later found myself more into graphic design as I became older. This led to me then questioning what type of graphic design I could see myself doing as a career. After googling the different career paths a graphic designer could take, and researching the skill sets needed and the income the various types of graphic design positions provide, I decided to give branding and packaging a try.

I now realize that branding and packaging is what I would love to have a career in. I enjoy making logos, business cards, letterheads, etc, and I figured who better to direct my product to than entrepreneurs with start up companies. I want to work with the ambitious business starters that are focused and determined on getting their babies off the ground. With this, I can be a part of something fresh and new every time, and can watch how it will grow from a seed.

Here is a sample of a package that I enjoy looking. I love how simple it is and its color scheme. I would like to create brands that look like this. design-branding-packaging-design


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One thought on “Where Will I End Up?

  1. hguima on said:

    Remember the cricket machine my friend. That is the only thing that would give me nightmares!

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