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Listen to your professors

During school, you soak in all of the information your professors, who have years of experience, choose to share with you. You can pay attention and listen to every word they say, but until you run into problems on your own, their lessons will not hold as much weight in your mind. For instance, while creating a project for the first time, you believe all you will need is one round of printing and then you’re done. In real life, that is just not the case. You’ve heard to your professors tell you, “don’t wait until the last minute to print,” or “you don’t want to be printing one hour before the due date, and realize that your margins are off.”  And yet, you can acknowledge that and immediately think: “that wouldn’t happen to me, I know what I’m doing.”

Words mean a lot coming from someone in the position to give advice, but it seems people in general tend to take those words of wisdom for granted. Coming towards the end of my college career, I wish I could tell my past self things like this. I’d tell myself to ask more questions, complain less, and to not take the time I have in college lightly, because it goes by quicker than imaginable.



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