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How We Tell Stories

I can’t think of things that inspired this project. I sort of drifted on the idea of creating a short story that took place a sort of dystopian society where two worlds separated by a huge wall of politics and indifferences which would soon come crumbling down. I had so many ideas for this project, but I can’t think of anything to truly pin point my inspiration for the story.


When thinking about how I’d go about designing the characters and the setting I tried to think back to every animation I’d ever fallen in love with. I found inspiration is many short films and episodic tales.  I felt drawn into the flat designs of Samurai Jack and the lively stop motion film, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Where story and image connect

A few years ago, I saw a few movies that changed how I looked at story. First, a 2012 film, “Wolf Children” directed by Mamoru Hosoda. This film was both stunning and heart breaking. Second, “The Girl who Leapt Through Time,” a story of time travel. Lastly, “Barefoot Gen” (need I say more). Although each film is vastly different, each on offers me a very different connection to how I feel stories are told.


In the end —without quite knowing it, I piece together stories that tell more about what I’ve been though and less about what I like or what inspires me. I am simply telling my own story through twisted lenses and scribbles on a paper. I find meaning of my film through the resiliency of my existence.





Art Inspiration——”Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures”

My final project is serious of food package designs for Good Grain’s blend grain rice. Good Grain is a new brand of carefully chosen organic grain rice. Good Grain promise that each grain of rice is from the prime area of grain source in America and has high quality. My major inspiration is from a Chinese ancient picture book named “Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures.” The book is painting by Qing Dynasty court painter Bingzhen Jiao in 1696. The book includes 46 pictures recording the Chinese ancient field jobs such as plowing, harrowing, seed drilling, cultivating, harvesting, weaving, etc. The book is the first agricultural science picture book in the world. The bold lines and smooth edge of figures create a gentle simple and elegant beauty. I found the style of the picture book matches Good Grain’s product very well. So I blend the Chinese traditional drawing into modern package design and giving the product a simple, unsophisticated, natural, organic and elegant style.

1450078691403_93920_originart0020873251image (1)image (2)image (3)image (4)image (5)image (7)image (8)

A great place to find inspiration from different  various artist.



After I graduate, I see myself focusing on company branding (logo design, target market selection, visual branding, visual marketing) and being hired as part of a creative team who defines and redefines businesses all over the globe. I have always been inspired by advertising and marketing creativity, especially when it is showcased as innovative visuals that evoke thought and resonate in the mind. Here are some creative examples of effective branding I find inspiring.


Image Source

This logo is effective because it’s simple, incorporates the business’ purpose (music), and even spells the name of the company all in one memorable shape.

I think that a good logo should be instantly recognizable and effectively stand alone.

Packaging is something that also inspires me. As part of my quest to become an expert in branding, I would also like to work with product packaging and visual design.

This creative packaging for Smirnoff vodka is eye-catching, appropriate for the context, and also unique.


Image Source

The visual possibilities of branding and product packaging are infinite and this is what inspires me most.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.26.19 PM

Image Source

The best logo and packaging designs are the ones you remember. I want to create unforgettable logos and designs that inspire (like the awesome branding done below which has a strong logo and catchy phrase printed on the package.)

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.30.30 PM

Image Source

Alexandra Apfelzweig

Negative Space

Although this is not related to my senior project, these illustrations I found are inspirational. I’ve always have an interest in negative space, ever since it was introduced in Graphic Design 1. I found these illustrations by artist Tang Yau Hoong. He perfectly conveys negative negative space into his illustrations such as the “Moustacheville” piece where a man is walking down a mustache path, the birds are mustaches too, and the tree branches as well. His use of color is also very effective. A lot of them are eye catching as well as the non colored ones. In future projects I would like to convey negative space as he did.





More of his work can be found on Behance.

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