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Art Awareness


I have always looked to nature and the environment as inspiration for my art. I love nature and am often inspired by ways in which to raise awareness on environmental issues though the artwork I create. A recent National Geographic cover labeled “Plastic or Planet” has stirred up much controversy. It is a photo that illustrates a plastic bag “partially submerged in the ocean, suggesting that the worlds plastic problem is “just the tip of the iceberg”” ( This cover is the perfect example of how art can inspire viewers to take action and can be a great way to convey a story telling and environmental journalism. Artworks like these are the kinds of works I turn to for inspiration when creating art. My hope is that someday I’ll be able to create art that has the same global awareness as this cover has 🙂



I initially learned about HTML/coding when I was in middle school. The code I saw sparked my interest. In high school I joined the Electronic Arts academy that my school had. I got to learn how to use several different programs and how to code. I got to take a whole year (two semesters) to learn about websites, HTML, CSS, and how to actually code. During the class we got to make a couple different basic websites. After that class my interest in designing websites was was piqued. When I attended community college I chose to take more web design classes to further improve my knowledge and skills. Although I applied to East Bay as an anthropology major originally, I changed my major to art with a concentration in multimedia so I could learn and focus more on web design. When it came to my senior project I knew I wanted to do a website. I wanted to choose a topic for the website I didn’t know much about, but something that I was interested in. This led me to choose to do a website on the Presidio in San Francisco. Through doing research I have learned so much about the Presidio. Overall, I’m glad I chose to build a website about the Presidio in San Francisco. Below are websites I used/am using for inspiration for my website and a historical website about the Presidio.





-Nicole Pavis

The Retro Neons

From the bright lights of the Grid in Tron (1982) to the cold polluted city of Los Angeles in Blade Runner (1982), they both helped established an aesthetic look that I found to be appealing and a source of inspiration. The harsh cold appearance from the purple and pink tints gives off the feeling of isolation and loneliness despite the sense of busyness that surrounds the subject. It sells the viewer a quality hidden beneath the contrast light of the imagery. This change in color tone often invoke the feeling of anxiousness and sadness, as we’re being to be engulfed into the artist’s creation and their feelings exposed. Aspects like this makes me appreciate art and this nostalgic aesthetic that I love. Here are some photographs by Liam Wong (@liamwong) for some examples. The last one was a self-portrait of myself.

-Dennis Ng


I’ve always wanted to create websites since middle school because I thought it was fun. The websites I found codes on to create websites are Zurb Foundation and W3 schools.  I’ve always wanted to create a website for fashion so my senior project is the influences in Korean Fashion since I’ve always love Korean Fashion. Here are some inspirational images I found interesting.



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